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Eight-year-old Perlucia Mathebula has undergone a life-changing operation at the famous burns unit of East Grinstead's Queen Victoria Hospital.

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999 (ITV)

Embarrassing Bodies (C4)

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Mr Khandwala on Skin Cancer (Uckfield FM)

On the 18th of November 2013 Mr Khandvala was interviewed on Uckfield FM about skin cancer. listen to the full recording


With about a quarter of British adults now considered obese, weight loss surgery is frequently in the headlines. However, weight loss, either by surgery or conventional dieting, doesn’t always solve all the problems related to obesity: gaining weight causes the skin to stretch, and if a significant amount of weight is then lost people can be left with sagging, excess skin. read the article

Schoolgirl regains use of her hand after crippling infection

A SCHOOLGIRL who battled back from a crippling infection which almost cost her the use of her hand has spoken about the moment she was able to shake the hand of a member of the Royal Family. read the article

McIndoe Surgical Centre bucks breast surgery trend (Observer)

Cosmetic surgeon Asit Khandwala says there was no lack of business at McIndoe, in Holtye Road, East Grinstead, however. The consultant believes women are now looking to trustworthy practices after the 2011 PIP scandal. read the article

How a limb is re-attached (BBC)

Mr Asit Khandwala, plastic surgeon at Queen Victoria Hospital led the surgery on John Stirling, who lost his forearm in a wood-cutting accident. read the article

'My reattached arm feels part of me again' (BBC)

For John Stirling, the touch of a cold door handle or the warmth of a cup of tea are miraculous sensations - something he thought he might never feel properly again after losing his forearm in a circular saw accident 16 months ago. read the article

'Doctors said I would never play bass guitar again' (BBC)

Bass guitarist Phil Blake looks back at a savage attack as a defining moment in his career. read the article

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