The Surgeon/the Clinic

Any surgeon carrying out surgical procedures required to have membership of professional organisations. Choosing someone based on having a website, testimonials or being recommended by someone does not guarantee a positive outcome of the surgery. Before and after pictures can be manipulated. A Surgeon will only put his/her best pictures on the internet (some may  not be their own pictures).

It is worth doing a thorough check to make sure the surgeon is a trustworthy professional who is capable of carrying out the required surgical procedure.


 Consultations are required before and after surgery. Are you going to understand the staff speaking to you after the procedure? This is the time patients feel very claustrophobic when everyone around them cannot communicate. Remember, the Surgeon is not the only person you will communicate with. The Anaesthetist and Nurses need to understand your needs.  Should you need other emergency care, will it be available?

Travelling abroad is very inconvenient and time-consuming way of attending initial and follow-up consultations.

If there are any complications, travelling can add extra stress and huge expense. Would you have insurance to be repatriated by air? These highlight the importance of having an easily accessible surgeon and clinic near you.


There are many companies offering covers with different policies. Please note, that travel and holiday insurances do not include cover if the surgery does not go according to plans. Check what sort of insurance the surgeon and the clinic have and would that cover the patient should something went wrong.


Making travel arrangements and travelling abroad can be stressful, time-consuming, inconvenient and tiring. Unplanned events out of our control (i.e. industrial actions and weather conditions) can change our travel plans and affect consultation and operation appointments. Also it can add extra pressure and cost to the experience.


It is very common to have surgeons and clinics recommended by family and friends. Patients’ experience can vary because of personal preferences. Also, the outcome of the surgery also can depend on the complexity of the particular procedure and the patient’s medical condition.

Overall Cost

Money-saving deals abroad often don’t include the cost of travel and accommodations when travelling for consultations and check-ups. Bear in mind the following factors when calculating the full cost of surgery:

  • Cost of surgery.
  • All travel costs.
  • Accommodation.
  • Insurance.
  • Extra holidays/leaves required due to travel.


Although the cost of surgery abroad compared to prices in the UK can be very attractive, ignoring the above factors can dramatically increase the total cost of surgery and/or turn it into an unpleasant experience. It pays to make common-sense decisions considering not just savings but risks and all issues involving having surgery procedures abroad. Revision surgery in the UK can be more expensive that the initial surgery and the NHS is very unlikely to pick up the pieces!

Should you have any question regarding surgeries please contact Mr Khandwala.

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