It is normal for a small amount of oozing to occur after the local anaesthetic has worn off.  If this continues, apply firm, gentle pressure with a clean pad for a timed 20 minutes.  This should resolve the situation.  If oozing persists repeat for a further timed 20 minutes.


The local anaesthetic lasts for an average of 2-3 hours.  It is advisable to take your usual painkillers before the local anaesthetic wears off.


Increases bleeding so please avoid taking it UNLESS ADVISED BY YOUR CONSULTANT TO CONTINUE YOUR DAILY DOSE.


Some swelling/bruising is normal.  To help minimise this it is often useful to elevate the affected area if possible.

Washing and Showering

You can bathe and shower.  Dry the tapes with a hairdryer on a ‘cool’ setting.

Follow up Appointments

Normally, a follow up appointment for 5-7 days will be given to you before you leave the hospital.  You may wish to take your usual painkillers prior to attending for you follow up appointment because if you are having sutures removed, you may feel the momentary pulling uncomfortable.

Care of Scar

Once all dressings have been permanently removed, it is advisable to regularly massage your scar with bland moisturiser e.g. Nivea, E45, Vitamin E. Do this gently but firmly for about 5 minutes twice a day.  This can help with improving the ultimate appearance.

Sun Awareness

Beware of excessive exposure to strong sunlight.  Take special care of your scar as it can be more susceptible to sunburn.

It is necessary to seek help or advise if:

  • The pain in your wound markedly increases
  • The amount of redness and/or swelling increases
  • There is any unexpected or offensive discharge from your wound

If you have any problems or queries at any time please contact us for advice or further instructions.  There is always someone available 24 hours a day.

Spire Gatwick Park Hospital   01293 778 511
McIndoe Surgical Centre:   01342 330 300
Fawkham Manor Hospital:     01474 879 900
Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital:   01892 740 047


Should you have any question regarding wound care please contact Mr Khandwala.

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